Jennifer Cole Judd

Children's Author and Poet



Spotlights glow–let’s start the…SHOW! Clowns paint faces and people scurry to their seats. Then the show begins, wrapping readers in all the wonders of the circus. Jennifer Cole Judd’s text is a treat for the ears with its simple, evocative rhymes, while Melanie Matthews’s delightful illustrations capture the fun and spectacle of the circus. Readers will be cheering, “Encore! Encore!” Ages 2-6

“This brightly illustrated book depicts a circus traveling by train, its arrival, set up, and highlights of the Big Top (“Tigers, horses/weave through courses./Vendors handy—’Cotton candy!'”). … VERDICT A charming addition to picture book collections.”—Melisa Bailey, Harford County Library System, MD, School Library Journal

CIRCUS TRAIN OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER (courtesy of Carrie Charley Brown video production)


Especially for Educators: You can download a FREE teacher guide for Circus Train (full of fun, educational supplemental activities!) here: Circus Train Guide (created by Marcie Colleen)


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From spiders to mummies to the elusive Boogeyman, these pages hold a little bit of everything creepy, crawly, and just plain spooky.  Ages 8-12.

“Whether it’s Halloween or not, this creepy collection will please readers with a taste for the supernatural.”–Publishers Weekly

This compilation of new poems covers scary as well as silly Halloween territory. For every truly chilling ghost train, there’s a witch’s shopping list or a monster that turns out to be the speaker’s own reflection. Easily flowing meter in most of the pieces makes for smooth read-alouds. Black-and-white ink illustrations are appropriately spooky.“–Horn Book

“Readers should be prepared to shiver and shake through these 44 poems about ghosts, gargoyles, and more…Whether it’s Halloween or not, this creepy collection will please readers with a taste for the supernatural.“–Publisher’s Weekly

“From bats, cats, and rats to ghosts, ghouls, and gargoyles, this creepy collection of forty-four poems hits just the right note for middle-grade readers.  RECOMMENDED.”–Library Media Connection

“The overall package places this book right up there with Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. Whether read at a sleepover or just by one curious thrill-seeker, this book is “spine-tingling,” as touted on the cover.”–Nancy Garhan Attebury, Children’s Literature

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“Dog Bot,” Spider, September 2019
“The Pack,” Cricket, Jan 2019
“Moon Song,” Spider, Nov/Dec 2017
“March,” Cricket, March 2017
“Ghost Crab Beach,” Spider, October 2015
“Rainy Day,” Highlights High Five, April 2015
“Last Dance,” Cricket, October 2012
“Haiku,”  Berry Blue Haiku, June 2010
“Fondue, Fun-do,” Fun for Kidz, November 2009
“The Buggy Beauty Shop,” Spider, October 2009
“To A Pizza,” Spider, September 2008
“Dracula’s To-Do List,” Spider, October 2007


“King Wazad Wakes Up,” Amazon Rapids, 2016
“One Wacky Job,” Amazon Rapids, 2016
“Secret Recipe,” Amazon Rapids, 2016
“Cabin Mates,” Amazon Rapids, 2016
“Dylan’s Saturday Surprise,” The Friend, June 2012